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About VDI


VDI Auctions is active on the worldwide auction market.
We sell new and used tractors, construction equipment and forest machinery.

Over the past years we have established excellent business contacts, building a worldwide network of buyers and sellers of a whole range of goods.The advantages of selling your goods through auction include:

Your auction Partner in Europe.

  1.   Easy and quick selling!
  2.   Fair market prices!
  3.   Worldwide bidders and buyers!
  4.   Less work for you!
  5.   Fleet replacement!
  6.   Quick refunds!

VDI Auctions takes care of container loading and unloading for overseas buyers and sellers.
We can also help buyers and sellers with the worldwide transportation on trucks, by Ro-Ro, or by mail. We deliver to any port. We also strip down for container loading, including shipping and customs or other documents.

We look to supplying both new and existing customers with equipment to suit either fleet replacement or fleet expansion requirements, or with just a single item.

VDI Auctions tries to be flexible to facilitate the ever-changing demands of today’s agricultural, construction and forest industries.


VDI Auctions conducts auctions with inspection days, to allow you to get a good impression of the goods.
A large stock of new and used agricultural, construction and forest equipment ensures a wide choice and fast delivery times. Whether it’s one, two or a complete fleet of machinery that you need,
VDI Auctions will always be able to meet your requirements.

After buying the tractors and/or machinery at VDI Auctions, buyers have the option to discuss customising their purchases to their needs or requirements, which even includes dismantling them for export purposes.

Professional Cleaning
VDI Auctions offers overseas buyers an extra service by cleaning the items bought from VDI Auctions so that they meet export requirements.

With over 40 years of experience, VDI auctions has built a large network of transport companies, which offer transportation by road, sea container (20 of 40 ft), Ro-Ro, plane or mail.
VDI auctions will always be able to offer a solution.

After buying tractors, machinery, trucks, etc., VDI Auctions can offer a service to buyers / sellers. In consultation, it is possible to modify your wishes and needs. The equipment can even be dismantled if necessary for export.

Inspection Day:
VDI Auctions auctions also days of viewing so buyers have enough time
to properly inspect the products offered at auction. Here you can also go to the service
If you have any questions, VDI Auction will be pleased to help you.