Frequently asked questions


  • Click on the login button.
  • Register your personal data, your e-mail address and create a password. Your e-mail address is automatically your user name.
  • You will receive an activation email after a few minutes. Follow the instructions in this email.
  • You can log in immediately with your personal username and password.

We handle your data with care and in accordance with GDPR (General data protection regulation) rules and use this data exclusively for invoicing, delivery and our own marketing purposes.

Beware! The data entered is automaticly your billing information. Make sure that this is correct, including your personal or company data. We will charge administrative costs if the invoice has to be adjusted.


Your login name should always be your email address.


U can change your address yourself on our website. After logging in, go to Welcome (your email address) and afterwards to your personal data. Here you can adapt your data.

It’s possible that the activation email was treated as spam. U can probably find the email in the junk/spam folder of you inbox.

Is the email not there and did it never arrive? Please call our customer service to have this problem solved as soon as possible; 0031-(0)85-782-6770.

Or send an email to

When you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one on our website. Please go to the option login and then to forgot password? Clic here to request a new one.

Certainly you can. The auctions of VDI Auctions are for individuals and companies.

You can activate follow lots by pressing the heartshaped symbol at the top of the lot page. This lot will then apear in the list of Follow lots, which can be found in the menu of Favorite Lots in your settings.


  • To place a bid, you must be registered and logged in. You cannot bid through e-mail.
  • After you have logged in, click on the lot of your choise.
  • At the bottom of the lot information you will find the field where you can enter your bid.
  • As soon as you click on view your bid, the computer calculates your bid including auction costs and VAT.
  • You must then confirm your bid, for it to be valid.
  • Only after confirmation you have actually placed a bid.
  • Eery bid is binding and cannot be undone

  • You are not registered: Register for free by entering your details on the website at the button; login.
  • You are not logged in: After registering, you must log in every time you visit the website with your user name (your e-mail address) and your personal password at the button; login.
  • Your account has been blocked; Because you have entered an incorrect password several times. Call our customer service to solve this problem as soon as possible; 0031- (0) 85-782-6770.
  • You have not complied with the auction conditions in the past; In this case you can unfortunately no longer participate in an auction of VDI Auctions.

A normal (static) bid is the next bid that you place on a lot. You must follow the auction on our website yourself. You can be outbid, in that case you will be notified immediately.

When you make a proxy bid, you enter your maximum bid on the website. The system will then automatically and gradually bid for you and make the lowest possible accepted bid up to the entered bid.

If these bids do not reach the amount of your proxy bid you buy for a lower price than you have entered. Only when another bidder makes a higher bid than your proxy bid, then you are no longer the highest bidder.

This proxy bid is private and can’t be seen by other bidders.

It is not possible to cancel your bid. A placed bid is binding. Before the bid is definitively placed, you always first see a control screen where you can clearly see the total of your bid plus VAT and auction costs.

The closing time is specified for each lot. If another bid is made within 2 minutes before the closing of the auction, then time will be extended by 2 for this particular lot.

If you click on the button following lots and if you select here the lots of your interest, it makes it easer to follow them untill they expire. Or refresh your page regularly (press F5) to make sure that you are still the highest bidder.

No, it’s not possible to bid by email. You can easily create a free account on our website and then start bidding online (just click on the button registration). This is not complicated and you can always contact us with questions.

Yes, this is possible. You can place a bid on different lots separately. On our website it’s also possible to add lots to; favorite lots.  With the option; Following lots it allows you to specify exactly which lots you find interesting and to easily monitor whether you are still the highest bidder or of you are outbid.

If you are bidding on a lot that is part of a combination, you will find this indicated on the website with the description; combination lot.

These are two ore more lots that have to be sold together. The bidding on these lots starts last, when all the individual lots are closed.
It’s possible to bid on each lot individually or on the combination directly. The opening bid is the sum of the highest bids on these lots individually.
If no bid are made on a lot within a combination, the starting bid is used in the sum. The lots are assigned to the highest bidder on the combination and not to the highest bidder of the individual lot.

No, our advice is to bid on time. In any case, place a trial bid to see if everything works. To prevent people from inadvertently pressing the bid button, each bid must be confirmed and our terms and conditions must also be checked. Keep in mind that these are a few clicks that take a few seconds. If you wait too long, you might just miss your purchase.


The lot turns green when you are the highest bidder and when you are outbid it turns red. For each bidding activity a lot will turn orange. Twenty-five seconds before the expiration of a lot, the photo of the lot starts blinking and you will hear an alarm to remind you of this. In addition, you will receive an email when you are outbid, when you are the highest bidder or when you have entered a proxy bid.


It is possible that you are bidding against a proxy/automatic bid. When someone else has set up an automatic bid you will only become the highest bidder when you outbid that maximum bid.

It is possible that the lot is under reserve, which means that the owner will be consulted whether he accepts the highest bid. Normally you will receive an answer after one day. When a lot is not under reserve, you should immediately receive an e-mail when you are the highest bidder.

Inspection day

You can find the dates of the inspection days on the website.

This is not possible. We work of behalf of third parties. We organize an inspection day so that everyone can come and see all the lots. During this day, all lots are displayed in an orderly manner to be able to inspect them well. You can find the dates of the inspection days on the website with the information of that particular auction.



A starting bid is a minimum price, it’s not possible to underbid this amount. Normally these prices are just a fraction of the appraised value. If no bid is made on the lot, than it will be re-auctioned later with a lower starting bid.

When it is a regular lot;

  • The buyer’s commission is 6% on the hammer price, VAT will be charged on the commission at 21%.
  • Also 21% VAT will be charged on the total hammer price.
  • The amount of 21% VAT on the total hammer price will be refunded to non-Dutch buyer’s upon receipt of export documents showing that the goods are transported outside the Netherlands. A valid VAT number must be provided for the export to other EU countries.

Calculation example for regular lot with € 1000 hammer price;

Costs Regular lot
Hammer price €1000
6 % buyers commission €60
21% VAT over buyers commission €12,60
21% VAT over hammer price €210
Total €1282,60


When it is a margin lot;

  • The buyer’s commission is 7,26% on the hammer price
  • For a margin lot the VAT has already been paid, so you do not need to pay the VAT over the total hammer price.

Calculation example for a margin lot with  € 1000  hammer price;

Costs Margin lot
Hammer price € 1000
7,26 % buyers commission € 72,60
Total €1072,60

In certain cases we apply minimum prices or ‘ under reserve’. This means that the owner has the opportunity to accept or decline the highest bid. This is always indicated in the lot description.

On the website, after logging in, you will find the bidding information. Here we indicate ‘lot under reserve’ if this is the case. The highest bidder will be informed as soon as possible whether his bid has been accepted by the seller (usually the day after the auction).

A margin lot is a lot for which the VAT has already been paid. You therefore don’t have to pay VAT for this lot, only the 7,26% buyer’s commission.

Calculation example for a € 1000  hammer price;

Costs Margin lot
Hammer price € 1000
7,26 % buyers commission € 72,60
Total €1072,60

Yes, only if your company is located in a member state of the European Union, other than the Netherlands. For this you must have a valid VAT number and hand over a transport declaration or CMR. These forms indicate that the goods are being transported to the destinated country.
If your company is registered outside the EU, you must pay the VAT. This is refunded to you upon receipt of the export documents cleared by customs.



Within 24 hours after the auction you will receive a proforma invoice with an overview of the lot (s) you have purchased. You will also find there the total amount to be paid and the pick-up details.

Print this pro forma invoice, you will need it later when you pick the lot(s) up.

The payment should be made within 3 days after the auction.

You can only pay on bank account number: NL18 ABNA 0544629337, stating your customer number and pro forma invoice number.

ABN Amro Bank

T.N.V .: VDI Auctions

IBAN: NL18 ABNA 0544629337

After we have received  your payment, you will receive a message by e-mail.


You must pay within 48 hours after the auction.

The auction and commission costs are also referred to as the premium, and this is 6% of the amount offered by you. This amount is increased with 21% VAT, unless stated otherwise.

Pick-up of goods and transport

At each auction we organize a couple of pickup days, the dates you can find on our website at the particular auction overview. The lot(s) can be picked up at the address indicated on your proforma invoice.

Upon collection you must hand in your pro forma invoice at the reception desk. The original/final invoice will be handed to you there. Our employees will take you to your lot(s) and help you load the lot(s) that you have purchased.

If you are unable to pick up the goods personally, it is possible to authorize somebody else. This can also be a transport company.  They need to hand in the pro forma invoice in addition to the authorization.

Beware!  You can only collect your lot(s) on the indicated days. Loading at a different moment is possible, but will bring additional costs. For this we will charge €50 per lot.

Loading at a different moment is possible, but will bring additional costs. For this we will charge €50 per lot. You should consult it with us, if you are considering this option.

For each auction, a predetermined collection day is included in the auction terms and conditions. You can of course pick up the lot(s) yourself or hire a transport company. We are happy to inform you about the transport companies that regularly work for us and our clients both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Other questions

We sell all goods ‘as is, where is’. We give no guarantee whatsoever and do not test the goods.
VDI Auctions and/or its clients do not offer any guarantees with regard to completeness, quantity, quality, usability and marketability. Therefor we advise everyone to come to inspection day to ensure the state of the article and completeness.
VDI Auctions can not take back any goods.


The right of withdrawal does not apply to public auctions according to the European Parliament and Council Consumer Rights Directives 2011/83 / EU as of 13 June 2014. The auction in which you participate or has participated is considered a public auction because interested parties can physically attend the auction closure.

Beware! When selling by auction, consumers are not protected by the distance selling regulations.

We advise you to read the terms and conditions carefully and in good time. These can be found on our website. You must agree to our terms and conditions with every bid you place.

If no bid is made, this lot will often be re-auctioned later with a lower starting price.